Dior Clothing Windbreaker

Dior Clothing Windbreaker

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990юаней Trading Company’s order is out of stock, items from old channels, Dio*’s cool windbreaker is coming! The upper body aura is 2.8 meters tall! ! This deconstructed windbreaker with a strong sense of design is really beautiful. It has a unique design that no substitute can compare with. It is also a windbreaker with extremely difficult craftsmanship. Every detail is a masterpiece! Custom-woven double-sided double-woven twill windbreaker fabric. After the fabric is woven, it goes through post-processing and is treated with special processes such as waterproofing. Make it softer and more comfortable. The back is cut with a huge skirt, and the huge hem not only consumes materials and labor, but also requires extremely high craftsmanship! It cannot be completed by ordinary lathes. It must be a master who has been engaged in clothing production for more than 10 years, and it must be a master who has excellent skills in making woven fabrics! Every step is strictly controlled, just to make the windbreaker return to its original functionality, not just for a look, but also to provide style and protect against wind and rain. The upper body is incomparably beautiful, strong and soft, free and easy, 360°C with no dead ends! Code number 36 38 40

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