Handbags Tote Bags Exclusive Cheap
 Red Embroidery Unisex Canvas Cowhide

Dior Handbags Tote Bags Red Embroidery Unisex Canvas Cowhide

$149.00 $184.00
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[Dior Purchasing Grade] Produced by overseas OEMs, overseas original orders, original hardware and leather, free to enter and exit customs and counters, only for high-end customers, this is the new version of the counter, the pocket purchasing version, D’s 24 new BookTote is here! ! The new Tote not only adds shoulder straps but also adds internal pockets. Compared with the old model, the new one is much warmer!
New shopping bags, we ship them as soon as possible, the quantity is limited, the old flower embroidery pieces are all shipped by air from overseas, after assembly, it is the same thing as the counter, there is really no need to go to the counter and spend the 20,000+ wasted money to buy a cloth The bag is equipped with a dust bag, and the usage experience is consistent with that on the counter. It comes in two sizes.
2350¥ˇMedium size: 36.5*28*17.5cm
ˇ2150¥Small size: 26.5*21*14 cm
Classic presbyopic embroidery model, two sizes, please check a circle of friends for specific specifications , exclusive, there is no competing product on the market for this shopping bag. Both sizes are from the same channel. I took the small size and briefly introduce the details. It can be carried on the body in multiple ways. It is equipped with adjustable and detachable logo shoulders. Bring it, you can enlarge the picture to see what is exactly the same. You will not be afraid of finding fault with our details. If you are worried, you can go to the counter and take a look first. Take out my details and compare them to see what is exactly the same. It will instantly make you feel like you are missing something. , trumpet # has a very high attendance rate! The content capacity is very large and it is very light. You can only carry this bag when going shopping or going to work. The concave shape is also very beautiful. I believe that if you buy it, it will be the one you take with you. It will never be left idle. Medium # is a tote that can be used by both men and women, and is very popular at home and abroad.
There are too many pictures, so I won’t search too much. Every picture on Xiaohong🍠 is very interesting! The official price is RMB 20,000+, and the price of the double material of embroidered canvas and cowhide stitching is indeed not cheap.

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